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Heritage Brick Restorations Specialists Melbourne Victoria 

Heritage Brick Restorations is the best way to restore and preserve your heritage brickwork through out Melbourne, Victoria. 

The mortar in all brickwork ages and start to break apart over time due to the original materials used many years ago at time of construction. In oder to restore the brick work back to its original conditions, we take great care and use only the best material available so that the restoration process is kept to its original state.

Our craftsmanship and work is Guaranteed to be the best as we have over 40 years of trade experience and know how.

We at Heritage Brick Restorations take great pride and use special technique and systems developed over years of experience and hundreds of heritage restoration projects completed 

Brick Matching Services 

Historically bricks were the most common building material across Victoria in the late 19th Century. There were many brickyards in Melbourne and their output was staggering. At the height of the Melbourne building boom, in the years 1889-1890 alone, these local brick-making yards produced upwards of 270 million bricks.

These quality antique bricks of the nineteenth century are not reproducible using modern production line methods and therefore locating and matching heritage bricks is a formidable task for property owners undertaking restoration. At HBR we have amassed an extensive stock of antique bricks from Melbourne sites and we have thousands in stock. We can source uniquely shaped, unusual and reclaimed heritage bricks and bluestone building blocks.

Brick Restoration & Rebuilding

Our staff have a wealth of experience in heritage brickwork conservation and restoration, having worked on many of the domestic, public and commercial buildings of Melbourne’s heritage. We use traditional building methods and traditional materials.







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